Quartz Countertops

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This is one of the most durable countertop materials that you can have installed. This man made product is highly impenetrable and nonporous.



Greige is the new trending go to neural for interior design. Greige has become the reliable go to neutral for any room or exterior finish.

Kitchen Backsplash

AAKitchen Backsplash

If you are having trouble deciding on your backsplash I will give you a few tips to help you in this selection process.

Designing Out of the Box

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Don’t be afraid to make bold design decisions. Stepping out of the box often leads to those unforgettable eye-catching designs. Breaking out from the norm will bring your space to the next level. 

Curb Appeal

AACurb Appeal

One of the most important aspects of curb appeal is your landscaping. This is typically the first things that people notice as they approach your home.

Playing With Texture

AAPlaying with Texture

Textures bring layers to a space. Mixing and matching textures is an important design element that is often overlooked. Incorporating a variety of textures and finishes will add a lot of interest to any room.

Kitchen Cabinets

AAKitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel can be both exciting and daunting. There are so many elements to take into consideration while selecting your cabinetry that it is important to take the time to make sure you incorporating all of your wants and needs. Storage Needs As you are planning your kitchen remodel make sure to take into […]

Designing the Perfect Shower

AADesigning the Perfect Shower

During a bathroom remodel it is important to consider all of your options while designing your shower. Below are the key factors that I would suggest all homeowners consider while designing their new or remodeled bathroom.

Pendant Lighting Tips

AAPendant Lighting

When shopping for pendants I always consider functionality, scale, and style. If you think about these three characteristics you are bound to find the perfect pendant for your space.

Deck Railings

AADeck Railings

When remodeling or adding on a deck to your home you have a couple of things to think about. One of the most important aspects is the type of railing you choose to install.