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Westhill has specialized in custom construction, remodels and home care since 1974.  We don’t just remodel and build custom homes, we also build relationships.  We believe working with a client should be collaborative and enjoyable and based on complete trust.  We understand remodeling can be a challenging undertaking, a large investment and may cause anxiety.  That is why the Westhill team gives every home remodeling project and every client exceptional service with the commitment to make their experience a positive one, all while making your home one you love.


We're Here For You

We’re Here For You

Long after a remodeling project is completed and we pack up our tools and ladders, the Westhill team will continue to be at your service for any of your home needs, large or small.  Whether your home is newly built or long-standing with its own charm, just like your vehicle, it requires continued maintenance to preserve its optimum operation and allow a homeowners peace of mind.  We are always here for you, building client relationships for life ...
We Provide Solutions

We Provide Solutions

With over 44 years of experience in the Woodinville area, Westhill has the professional and skilled team to work with and guide you through your remodeling and custom home process.  By providing you with clear communication and creating a realistic budget for your home improvements, we take the fear out of remodeling. No matter what the dream, as a design/build remodeling and custom home builder, we have solutions for you ...
We Listen

We Listen

It doesn’t matter what type of home improvement project is. From creating a second story addition, remodeling your kitchen, updating your bath or even building a new home, you can be sure that we will listen to your needs and wants. Our team will be respectful, responsive and always work our hardest to provide the best outcome of your project and your overall remodeling experience.  ...