Designing the Perfect Shower

AADesigning the Perfect Shower

During a bathroom remodel it is important to consider all of your options while designing your shower. Below are the key factors that I would suggest all homeowners consider while designing their new or remodeled bathroom.

Curb vs. Walk-in

The first decision you need to make while designing your shower is to determine whether you want a curbed shower entry or a curb less, walk-in shower. Curb less showers are definitely more popular. They are much easier to get into, and aesthetically look much cleaner. When you do not have a curb in your shower your bathroom floor tile will run all the way into your shower. This creates a nice seamless look. The only downside to walk in showers is the possibility of water leaking onto your bathroom floor. However, this is not as common as most would think. Walk-in showers are built at a slight angle which allows the water to flow away from the shower door and into the linear drain. If you have some wiggle room in your budget I would highly recommend going with a walk-in shower.

Built-In Bench

In my experience, most clients want a built-in bench in their shower. For a minimal additional cost, incorporating a built-in bench will create a comfortable option while taking a shower.


When determining the size and quantity of your niches take into consideration the size and quantity of products that you will be storing in them. There is nothing worse than having a brand-new shower that does not accommodate your shampoo and conditioner bottles. If you are looking for a place to include a small accent tile, the niche is definitely the spot for it.

Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads are a must these days. They are not only useful for bathing, but also come in handy when washing your dog, and cleaning those hard to reach spaces in your shower. Often times clients will use a handheld head and a fixed shower head. The more versatility you have, the better.

Shower Glass

When it comes to shower glass most people either select clear, star-fire, or etched glass. Clear glass, in contrast to its name has a green tint to it. This will be the most standard and cost-effective option. Most of our clients tend to go with the star-fire glass which is does not have any colored tints to it. If you are looking for a little more privacy then you will want etched glass. This will make the shower glass opaque. Both star-fired and etched glass will be quite a bit more expensive than the standard clear glass options.

Think about the functionality of the each of these design elements and what would be the most beneficial for your needs. Even if your budget is tight, you can still find ways to makes your shower fit your needs.

If you follow these tips and tricks when designing your shower, you will not be disappointed.