Scott Cook

Scott Cook

In the summer of 1980, 10 year old Scott worked on his first project.  Side by side, Scott and his father completed a kitchen remodel and a bedroom addition.  That was Scott’s first real taste of his future career.

Right out of high school, Scott entered into framing residential homes.  After accumulating some experience under his belt, he came to work for Westhill from 1992-1993 before leaving the industry to explore other venues.

With building in his genes, it didn’t take long for Scott to get back into framing and home remodeling – where he has been ever since.  Scott has now gone full circle – happily back with the Westhill team.  What he enjoys most is the satisfaction of a beautifully finished project.

Motorcycles and older car mechanics are his off time passion.  Spending time with his wife Tamara, four children and a never ending “honey do” list keeps him busy.