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Pendant Lighting Tips

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Selecting the perfect pendant light fixtures can be a bit overwhelming since there are endless options to choose from. When shopping for pendants I always consider functionality, scale, and style. If you think about these three characteristics you are bound to find the perfect pendant for your space.


Functionality is the most important characteristic to consider when selecting your lighting. Two functional traits to look for are direct and diffused lighting. Direct lighting creates a more vibrant, task light for your everyday needs. If you are looking for a more direct light in your kitchen I would recommend installing pendants that are open at the bottom. This will direct the light down onto your island for a more illuminated, workable prep space. Diffused lighting is a nice way to incorporate a decorative light fixture in your space without adding the harshness of a direct lighting. A pendant with a fully enclosed bulb would be an example of a diffused light. Since the light is trapped in the shade it creates a more soothing, diffused light. This is a great option if you are looking for a stylish fixture without the need of a bright light.


Scale is often one of the most overlooked factors that unfortunately isn’t always taken into account. Often times home owners decide to go with smaller pendants that are not proportionate to the rest of their space. This can create an unbalanced, outdated look. I always recommend selecting large pendants rather than multiple mini pendants. These larger fixtures will create a more grounded, impactful space.


There are endless styles of lighting out there. Make sure to consider the overall style of your space before selecting a fixture. Just because you may be drawn to a pendant doesn’t mean that it will coordinate well with the rest of your space. When selecting a kitchen pendant that has a metal finish make sure to coordinate that finish with the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you have brushed nickel appliances and hardware I would stay away from any contrasting metals such as brass. Instead, incorporate that same brushed nickel look into your lighting.

No matter the aesthetics in your home if you consider these three characteristics you will not be disappointed with your selection.

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