The “Art” of Picking the Right Paint Color

the-art-of-picking-paint125-300x200For many people, picking a new paint color for a room can be overwhelming. There are at least a billion different choices in white, so how do you know that “snow white” will look better than, “brilliant white”?  Well here are some paint choosing tips that can help with the decision.

What is the feel of the room?  Is it a quite relaxing place? – Then softer cool tones would work nice.  Or is it a more vibrant, active room in the house? An entertaining space? – keep with the mood of the room and use bolder colors that make a statement.

What is the lighting like in the room?  Natural lighting from windows will give you the truest color.  So look at your paint sample in indirect natural light, vs. the light of the room.  Then you can adjust to what you want the true hues of the paint to be.

Sample, sample, sample!  You can get small sample paints at most of the paint stores, and local hardware stores.  I would recommend you get three or four that you think you like in the store to sample them in the room you plan to paint.

NOTE:  When sampling paint, use a white poster board.  There are two reasons for this. A white background will allow the color to show at its truest.  Two: painting over paint swatches on the wall can be hard to get to look smooth with the final coat.

Change the finish.  Give the room an extra pop with glossy trim and millwork and a flat or eggshell wall.

Get help from the color wheel.  Looking at the colors side by side on the color wheel can be helpful to see what you like together.  Colors that are directly across from each other are complementary colors, which tend to look great together.  Also, explore the different shades of a color.  Monochromatic schemes don’t have to be black and white.

Choose a color and live with it for a day or two.  The color will look different depending on the angle of sunlight and at night.  Waiting 24 hours or so to see how the color changes, is well worth the wait.

Not happy with your decision?  The good thing is, paint is easily changed.  If you need help, consider consulting with the experts at any reputable paint store, or hire an interior designer.