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Greige is the new trending go to neural for interior design. This color is a marriage of gray and beige. Cool gray tones are no longer the “it” color for interior and exterior spaces. Greige has become the reliable go to neutral for any room or exterior finish.

I find that greige pairs nicely with other neutral and earth tones. Since this color is a mix of both gray and beige tones, you can easily coordinate your other finishes, furniture, and décor with this color. The great thing about greige is that it goes with grays and beige. For instance, if you have a living space with a white sofa, grey area rug and a natural wood coffee table, a greige wall paint would be a great way to incorporate all of those tones into one finish. This neutral tone makes for a nice, soothing space.

In addition to interiors, greige is a common color that you will find on home exteriors. Since grays and beiges come and go, if you want your homes exterior finishes to stay relevant, greige is the way to go. Simply adding greige paint, stone, or siding will keep the longevity of your curb appeal. Again, since this tone pairs nicely with grays, beiges, and earth tones, your exterior will shine due to its surrounding colors and natural outdoor elements.

If you are not sure rather you are leaning more toward cooler gray tones or warmer beige tones, greige is the color for you!


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