Designing Your Entry Way


The entry way is an important space in any home; however, it is often overlooked. This is the first and last space you and your guests see, Entry Wayso it is important that your entry feels inviting. The functionality, flow, and design of this space are some of the key elements to consider when redesigning your entryway.

Functionality and Flow

The functionality and flow of your entry space is important to keep in mind. If you need this to be a more functional space, think about including a small bench for your guests to sit on while they take off their shoes. For more storage, find a bench that either has built in storage or has an open space underneath for baskets. Mounting decorative wall hooks above your bench is great way to add more storage while adding another element of design. A console table can be a very practical piece to have. This is a convenient place to set your keys, purse, reminders, ect. If your entry space is large enough for these furniture pieces make sure that they are the correct size for your space. You do not want these items so large that they cramp your entryway. This space should be open and easy to navigate.


Not only should your entryway be open and functional, the design should also coordinate with the rest of your home. It is important that your design style is reflected here just as much as it is in any other room in your home. No matter how big or small your entry space is, you should include some sort of design element. This may be as large as entry furniture like a bench or console table, or as small as some décor or art. If you have a smaller entry way, and don’t have room for any furniture pieces, think about accenting your space with lighting, artwork, or an area rug. This will give your space a warm and inviting feel without over packing your small space with furniture.