Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is always an important aspect of your home’s aesthetics. Regardless of the season, it is important to maintain a welcoming feeling.

Curb Appeal







Maintaining Your Landscaping

One of the most important aspects of curb appeal is your landscaping. Typically it is the first thing people notice as they approach your home. When landscaping is not maintained, it can give a negative first impression to anyone walking or driving by. Updating your landscaping can be as simple as trimming up your lawn, plants, and trees. If you are looking to add another element to your home’s exterior, I recommend simply planting or potting some greenery to add an accent of warmth and color to your home.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

A nice clean coat of paint can go a long way. When selecting the perfect paint color, make sure to take your surroundings into account. Typically, rich, neutral colors will add a lot of visual interest to your home. When a home’s painted with a lighter, more subdued tone, it tends to become washed out and lost in the landscape. Adding a contrasting trim paint can also help to brighten up your home.

The front door often gets overlooked, however, if you select the correct paint or stain this can make a huge impact on your curb appeal. Painting or staining your entry door is a great way to create a focal point for the front of your home.

Designing the Details

The details of your architecture and exterior accessories can add a lot to your curb appeal.

Incorporating some architectural detail can add a lot of interest to your home. Whether you accentuate these details or paint them to blend in with your exterior, these little or possibly big details can go a long way.

Smaller details such as your house numbers, exterior lighting, and front door hardware can be an easy and inexpensive way to update your home. These small fixes can drastically add a more inviting element to your home. When selecting fixtures and hardware make sure to purchase all of them in the same finish. If your light fixtures are one finish and your door hardware is another, it can create a negative disconnect to the overall look of your home.

As the warmer weather approaches, make sure your curb appeal is up to par!