Contemporary Interior Design is making a Comeback!

Throughout the first quarter of 2015, it’s easy to say that contemporary design for home remodels is leading the way for interiors.  From the space saving techniques to the clean lines and simple maintenance, contemporary design holds true to its style.

Below are a few trends we have seen repeating themselves so far this year.

Chrome fixtures
There has been a big increase of chrome finishes being used in both kitchens and baths.  From cabinet pulls, to faucets and shower components, chrome is coming back!  Chrome is contemporary, yet it also lends itself to a timeless design.

Clean lines
This is one thing that flows throughout the entire design. From flat panel cabinets and straight bar pulls, to geometric patterns and vertical tile installation; clean lines are all the rage right now.

Again, white is something that is classic and timeless, which makes for an easy pallet to design around.  White has become a very popular countertop choice, with a flat panel stained or painted cabinet.  We have also seen a big increase of white tile and accents being used.

Keeping it simple
A few years ago, oversized furniture and multiple fluffy throw pillows were what everyone wanted.  This year- simple space saving furniture is the trend.  Think 70’s retro, but with a modern twist.

This picture above pretty much sums up everything I mentioned.  Clean lines; chrome fixtures, white pallet and simple.