Laundry and Mud Rooms

19-comer-300x240Delight in an Efficient Laundry and Mud Room
Laundry and mud rooms have moved from the “want” category to the “need” category for many homeowners. They are often combined into a single multi-purpose room which houses not only a washer and dryer area but organized storage spaces with gloves and hat baskets, coat and backpack hooks, shoe racks and benches.

If the area is planned and designed to meet our family’s needs, it can become one of the most used rooms in the home.

Establish a Space
Although you will find most mud rooms at the rear of the home by the back door or kitchen, some are popping up in a large front foyer, a section of a garage or an oversized hallway.

Define Your Needs
Where do you need more room? Take into consideration the different seasons.  Cold, rainy weather will require room for boots, heavier coats and other cold weather gear.  In the warmer months you may need room for sports equipment, bags, flip flops and toys.

In addition to a well-designed laundry area, do you need a pet washing station for your furry friend? What about space for an extra refrigerator, sewing machine or craft table?

Estimate a Budget
Your project could range from DIY shelves and storage areas to including it as part of your home remodeling project, done by a building professional.

Research Design Ideas
There is no shortage of design ideas. Look online to get your creative juices flowing.  Think about your ideal style of a washer and dryer, built-in hampers, radiant floor heat, cubbies, work station or drip dry stations for wet clothes.  The options are endless.

Design and Build Your Space
You can leverage our extensive experience in designing and building a room to fit your needs. Or, you may elect to do everything yourself.

The path you choose will depend on how elaborate you want your space to be and how much you are looking to invest.

Whatever road you take, we encourage you to take the time up front to plan and design your space for maximum efficiency.