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Laundry and Mud Rooms

by Sue Tughan
Marketing Director


Delight in an Efficient Laundry and Mud Room2105-Redmond-Mud Room

Laundry and mud rooms have moved from the “want” category to the “need” category for many homeowners. They are often combined into a single multi-purpose room which houses not only a washer and dryer area but organized storage spaces with gloves and hat baskets, coat and backpack hooks, shoe racks and benches.

If the area is planned and designed to meet our family’s needs, it can become one of the most used rooms in the home.

Establish a Space

Although you will find most mud rooms at the rear of the home by the back door or kitchen, some are popping up in a large front foyer, a section of a garage or an oversized hallway.

Define Your Needs7303-Mercer Island-Mud Room

Where do you need more room? Take into consideration the different seasons.  Cold, rainy weather will require room for boots, heavier coats and other cold weather gear.  In the warmer months you may need room for sports equipment, bags, flip flops and toys.

In addition to a well-designed laundry area, do you need a pet washing station for your furry friend? What about space for an extra refrigerator, sewing machine or craft table?

Estimate a Budget

Your project could range from DIY shelves and storage areas to including it as part of your home remodeling project, done by a building professional.

Research Design Ideas

There is no shortage of design ideas. Look online to get your creative juices flowing.  Think about your ideal style of a washer and dryer, built-in hampers, radiant floor heat, cubbies, work station or drip dry stations for wet clothes.  The options are endless.2105-Redmond-Laundry

1115-Kirkland-Mud RoomDesign and Build Your Space

You can leverage our extensive experience in designing and building a room to fit your needs. Or, you may elect to do everything yourself.

The path you choose will depend on how elaborate you want your space to be and how much you are looking to invest.

Whatever road you take, we encourage you to take the time up front to plan and design your space for maximum efficiency.



Barn Doors

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant


interior-barn-doors This look is becoming more and more popular in remodeling.  Not only is it an appealing way to make a statement, but also very functional.

The barn door track mounts above the door frame and the door slides open or closed.  This completely eliminates the annoying dance most of us have had to do around the door that swings into your vanity while trying to enter the bathroom.

The name “barn door” does not mean it has to be an actual barn door, but this can be done with any kind of normal door as well.

Fitting in with the modern trend, you can even use this style of installation on a large walk in shower.  Again, saving the hassle of a door swinging in or out of the shower.


What’s new with cabinets?

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant


Have you been considering a kitchen remodel or upgrade, but don’t know where to start?

Here is a list of the current trends, and new ideas of ways to get more function from your cabinets and kitchen.  In many homes, our kitchen is not only a place to cook and eat, but it is the craft room, the homework station, and more often than not the main entertainment room.

Cabinet makers have taken all of this into account and come up with some pretty great space savers for kitchens.  Here are just a few that have been great additions.

Hidden spice cabinet pulls out
Hidden spice cabinet
Garbage can cabinets
Garbage can cabinet
Corner cabinet accessibility
Corner cabinet
Plate racks
Plate racks

Pictures compliments of

The “Art” of Picking the Right Paint Color

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant


For many people, picking a new paint color for a room can be overwhelming. There are at least a billion different choices in white, so how do you know that “snow white” will look better than, “brilliant white”?  Well here are some paint choosing tips that can help with the decision.

What is the feel of the room?  Is it a quite relaxing place? – Then softer cool tones would work nice.  Or is it a more vibrant, active room in the house? An entertaining space? – keep with the mood of the room and use bolder colors that make a statement.

What is the lighting like in the room?  Natural lighting from windows will give you the truest color.  So look at your paint sample in indirect natural light, vs. the light of the room.  Then you can adjust to what you want the true hues of the paint to be.

The art of picking paint125Sample, sample, sample!  You can get small sample paints at most of the paint stores, and local hardware stores.  I would recommend you get three or four that you think you like in the store to sample them in the room you plan to paint.

NOTE:  When sampling paint, use a white poster board.  There are two reasons for this. A white background will allow the color to show at its truest.  Two: painting over paint swatches on the wall can be hard to get to look smooth with the final coat.

Change the finish.  Give the room an extra pop with glossy trim and millwork and a flat or eggshell wall.

Get help from the color wheel.  Looking at the colors side by side on the color wheel can be helpful to see what you like together.  Colors that are directly across from each other are complementary colors, which tend to look great together.  Also, explore the different shades of a color.  Monochromatic schemes don’t have to be black and white.

Choose a color and live with it for a day or two.  The color will look different depending on the angle of sunlight and at night.  Waiting 24 hours or so to see how the color changes, is well worth the wait.

Not happy with your decision?  The good thing is, paint is easily changed.  If you need help, consider consulting with the experts at any reputable paint store, or hire an interior designer.

Contemporary Interior Design is making a Comeback!

by Sarah Steurer
Design Consultant

Contemporary Bath Design

Contemporary Bath Design


Throughout the first quarter of 2015, it’s easy to say that contemporary design for home remodels is leading the way for interiors.  From the space saving techniques to the clean lines and simple maintenance, contemporary design holds true to its style.

Below are a few trends we have seen repeating themselves so far this year.


Chrome fixtures
There has been a big increase of chrome finishes being used in both kitchens and baths.  From cabinet pulls, to faucets and shower components, chrome is coming back!  Chrome is contemporary, yet it also lends itself to a timeless design.


Clean lines
This is one thing that flows throughout the entire design. From flat panel cabinets and straight bar pulls, to geometric patterns and vertical tile installation; clean lines are all the rage right now.


Again, white is something that is classic and timeless, which makes for an easy pallet to design around.  White has become a very popular countertop choice, with a flat panel stained or painted cabinet.  We have also seen a big increase of white tile and accents being used.


Keeping it simple
A few years ago, oversized furniture and multiple fluffy throw pillows were what everyone wanted.  This year- simple space saving furniture is the trend.  Think 70’s retro, but with a modern twist.

This picture above pretty much sums up everything I mentioned.  Clean lines; chrome fixtures, white pallet and simple.