We are Distinctively Different.

We admit it.  Westhill is distinctively different from the experience other contractors may provide for you. The remodeling experience starts from the first time we meet and continues for years, long after the project is completed.

We listen more than we talk.

It’s all about you.  It’s your vision, your lifestyle, your home.  Our job is to get to know you personally, to really understand what you want and how you live.  We then design it and build it, while sharing with you our knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship.  The end result of your remodeled home will be exactly as you envisioned or better.  That’s distinctively different.

Our business is about people, not materials.

Remodeling or building your dream home is a big decision and can be a big investment.  It’s not about the drywall, paint, lumber or buckets of nails.  It’s about the chef’s delight kitchen, the family room or addition that will, for the first time allow you to host the entire family this holiday.  Or maybe it’s your vision of a master bedroom and bathroom that will serve as your ultimate retreat at the end of a long day.  Remodeling is great cause for celebration.  We don’t want you to just be satisfied when we pack up our trucks at the end of the job.  We want you to be excited!  That’s distinctively different.

It’s OK to have limits.

Every project has limits.  Whether it is time, money or the tolerance of disruption, we listen to your concerns, adjust and plan accordingly.  We don’t want you to feel bad because the limits are there.  That’s distinctively different.

We make commitments and keep them.

We do what we say we’ll do, for the amount we say we’ll do it for. That’s distinctively different.

We respect you.

We respect you, your family and your home.  While working in your personal space, safety is number one.  Not only for our crew, so they can go home to their families at night, but for you as well.  Our employees are trained in First Aid/CPR, drug tested and background checked for legal residency.  We arrive on time, clean up our work spaces daily and strive for minimum impact on your life during the process.  That’s distinctively different.

We welcome your questions.

We want you to enjoy the remodeling experience and be comfortable throughout the process.  We understand that you might know little or nothing about home remodeling.  We want you to ask questions.  Our job is to supply the information.  That’s distinctively different.

Our clients tell us that our team becomes a part of their family and actually hate to see us go.

That’s Distinctively Different.


Core Values
We live by our Core Values

Westhill Core Values

Westhill Core Values








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